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18 luglio 2013

Nasa Space Universe - NSU (7") #2008

Six tracks of breakneck thrash with quirky breakdowns and raw snotty SoCal vocals. It's basic 80's skatepunk with a psychedelic twist to keep things weird. The artwork is pretty cool, but is that a drawing of the band in blackface? (AM)

from Maximum RockNRoll

Una band semplicemente...stratosferica!

Nasa Space Universe - Phenomenon starring John Travolta rated stargate SG-1


a1. Inspense expherience
a2. Judge Bludgeon
a3. Phenomenon starring John Travolta rated stargate SG-1

b1. Insane Greek street rider's death rage
b2. Soup or salad
b3. Apache blood overdrive destroys Oprah Winfrey

Gradual Limbo records
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