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24 luglio 2013

Movie Star Junkies - Son of the dust #2012

After their two acclaimed LPs released by swiss Voodoo Rhythm Records, a dozen of 7” singles and EPs and several European tours, the quintet from Torino, Italy, presents their new album Son of the dust.
It is clear from the first track, These woods have ears, how the band has attempted to offer something new and evolved. The sound is pretty far from the chaotic vehemence of their early works, it has more in common with the intense, touching, dark atmospheres of songwriters like Nick Cave, Neil Young and Leonard Cohen with a little twist of frisky rhythm'n'blues.
A long tale in William Faulkner's style told in ten songs, a long journey where ancestral rites and religious superstitions take place, around three main characters: a stranger, a priest and a farmer. Son of the dust is a man trying to defeat the drought, in the landscape of a country village, surrounded by ancient legends and traditions, opposing pagan rites to the fear of divine punishment.
Records like this are musical movies of the mind, records the listener must decipher and make his own. The Movie Star Junkies’ Son of the dust is no more and no less than a musical continuation of William Faulkner’s quest of transcendental bliss in a world made of bone.

via Wild Honey records

Movie Star Junkies - Cold stone road


a1. These woods have ears
a2. In an autumn made of gold
a3. Son of the dust
a4. Cold stone road
a5. The damage is done

b1. There's a storm
b2. A long goodbye
b3. This love apart
b4. End of the day
b5. How it all began

Outside Inside/Wild Honey records
Download here


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