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23 marzo 2013

You Suck! - Euro tour tape 2011 (tape) #2011

Limited edition discography of the first three years of this italian skatepunk band. These 52 copies was made for their first european tour.

via Lo-Fi Lo-Life

You Suck! - You(th) Suck(s)


a00. Intro
a01. You(th) suck(s)
a02. Thrash your life
a03. Dive or die
a04. Disco sucks
a05. All my songs sound the same
a06. Nephew
a07. We are sick
a08. State of mind
a09. Long lyrics
a10. Tribute my ass
a11. Skateboard/We know you suck!
a12. Curling oppression
a13. Cops & skate
a14. Tired of you
a15. Clear choice
a16. Push it fast
a17. Live fast/Rosada
a18. Rock or diet
a19. Nervous beatdown

Lo-fi Lo-Life
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Is it possible to post Transex - Transex #2003 again?? Best wishes and thanks Erika (Berlin)