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4 marzo 2013

The Braen's Machine - Underground #1971

The Braen’s Machine is a mysterious study group, whose albums issued by Liuto label (Piero Umiliani’s property) are the most wanted and change hands for a considerable amount of money (Underground‘s price is about 1500 dollars on 3rd Coast Sound Distortion Catalog for example).
Exploito psych monster rarity. Recorded by Piero Umiliani at the now legendary SOUND-WORK-SHOP studio in January 1971. Released in a very limited (less than 100) number of copies. The original vinyl is practically impossible to find out.
Acid drenched fuzz guitar with one funky rhythm section. The drum sound its pretty interesting. The style is not far from other ghost-groups of the same period, an instrumental music that could be used as a movie soundtrack, with fuzz guitar and keyboards in predominance, and probably more psych-oriented than others. It’s sure under Braen’s Machine’s name Piero Umiliani and Alessandro Alessandroni are hidden, as they appeared with their nicknames Braen and Gisteri as the album tracks composers.

The Braen's Machine - Fall out


a1. Flying
a2. Imphormal
a3. Murder
a4. Gap
a5. Militar police

b1. New experiences
b2. Fall out
b3. Obstinacy
b4. Description

Liuto records
Download here


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