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9 marzo 2013

Putrid Fever - Do you remember? #1994

In the early 1980s, when tattoos were still considered taboo and the only squats in Italy were the Virus in Milan and the Victor Charlie in Pisa, four sinister individuals got together to form Putrid Fever. This Florentine group was to be a milestone in G.D.H.C. (Tuscan hardcore) and founding member Fefo Forconi would go on to further glory as a member of the American band TOXIC REASONS. Includes the band's 1984 demo tape and 1985 7" EP, along with songs taken from the Goot From The Boot compilation. A rare slice of mid-'80s hardcore made in Italy.

via Dead Beat records

Putrid Fever - Aikido

*tracks a01-a10 from Putrid fever (tape) #1984
*tracks b01-b03 from Goot From The Boot (compilation) #1984
*tracks b04-b05 from Ribelli Uniti Records (tape compilation) #1984
*tracks b16-b20 from Putrid fever (7") su #1985


a01. Draw Of Fear
a02. Motorhead
a03. Reality
a04. Anger
a05. Song From War
a06. Mix Blood
a07. Goophy
a08. Rats
a09. Putrid Fever
a10. Vietnam 83

b01. Aikido
b02. Never Again
b03. Reggae People
b04. Aikido 2
b05. Never Again 2
b06. Life Is Pain
b07. Period Of Slump
b08. Showman
b09. Can’t Hope In Dead
b10. Rhythms Of Paranoia

Flowers of Grain records/Anthology


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