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24 maggio 2012

Movie Star Junkies - In a night like this (10") #2010

Junkyard rockers from the Boot go half on a BIRTHDAY PARTY-esque wild electric stalker vibe, the other half on Roma-induced static caravan ripoff/roof patching scam/throwing-mustard-on-you-then-cleaning-it-up-while-lifting-your-wallet style dishonesty. Unsurprisingly, both approaches work for the desired effect: garage eeriness and swingin’ sledge from some Euro dudes who try to recreate others’ pasts in their own present. Fun record, for sure, but most of this band’s output is. Four songs.

via Still Single

Movie Star Junkies - Odissey of Jason


a1. Loneliness like clouds above
a2. Twice upon a time

b1. Odissey of Jason
b2. Death sleep and silence

Kill Shaman/Ghost records
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