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20 maggio 2012

Kina/The Sphere - Come tu mi vuoi (7" split) #1988

Back in the late 1980's Italian Hardcore was fast, loud, and had this special sort of uncontrollable power.
I think you know what I mean, RAW POWER, NEGAZIONE, INDIGESTI, PEGGIO PUNX, CCM, etc.
Kina were different and quite a phenomenon for me. Their songs pass despair and lust for life at the same time. They had this power, they were fast, but they had a special emotional edge. Whether they were influenced from Washington D.C. Hardcore or from Italian Folkmusic or both or whatever, I don’t know. With this tune featured here they took it to the extreme. It was the first time for me that I heard a political influenced hardcore band playing an unplugged, acoustic song. As I had a depressive period of life in these times (you know Weltschmerz, don’t you?), this was the absolute right thing for me.
When I hear it today it’s still nice, but it doesn’t give me the creeps anymore. Nonetheless this is still an outstanding tune from an outstanding band.
The B-Side features The Sphere. A little punkrock rumbler with a country-, folk-like drumming. Not bad.

via I Can't Eat This


a1. KINA - Questi anni (acoustic)

b1. THE SPHERE - Proviamo ancora

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