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10 febbraio 2012

VV.AA. - First relation #1983

Here's a rare compilation from Mask Productions, dating back to 1983. All Italian minimal synth/post-punk. Some bands (such as LISFRANK and V.U.D.) should be familiar to some, while others are far more obscure. All cuts on this lp are killer, though, so be sure to check this one out!
Otherwise, this is one of three releases from the Mask Productions label, the other two being a release by LISFRANK and a 12" by LE MASQUE.

via Systems of Romance


a1. AUS DECLINE - Five years life
a2. MILITIA - Limbo
a3. LISFRANK - Man without limits
a4. F.A.R. - Lights in the deep
a5. KKD - House tv

b1. KKD - And your mind
b2. V.U.D. - Look!
b3. TAKE FOR RUN - Please me
b4. TANZEN'S FIELDS - Sally song
b5. DARK TALES - Dismals

Mask Productions
Download here


3 commenti:

WildDevilMan ha detto...

fuckin' hell, this is marbeles, I never knew such bands form Italy, obscure music, great post. Hell Yeah!!!

Holly ha detto...

I'd love to hear this fine rarity. Thank you for all you do!

Anonimo ha detto...

Non risulta più scaricabile .... ?