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21 febbraio 2012

Hanson Brothers - Sudden death #1996

The second album from this one-off project. This time, Johnny Hanson sings about beer, girls and hockey. Wait a second, that's the same formula from the first album! Who do these guys think they're fooling?

Hanson Brothers - Rink rat


01. The hockey song
02. Stick boy
03. We're brewing
04. Not for Mary Lou
05. You can't hide the heino
06. Third man in
07. Danielle (she don't care about hockey)
08. I will never forget her
09. Four heads, one brain
10. Rink rat
11. Pea, pie and pud
12. I'll ask the 8-ball
13. My problem
14. He looked alot like Tiger Williams
15. Sudden death



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