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28 agosto 2013

Underage - Entro domani 1981-1983 #2005

Napoli Hardcore/Punk at its climax of energy and spontaneity in full early '80s italo-HC shape. Fast, distorted to the bone, exploding in anger. Not only they were among the first in Italy to introduce the D-beat formula of the first wave of Dis-influenced bands (think of EU'S ARSE as well) but they also added an overdose of buzzsaw distortion that made their nuclear feared / post atomic sound a real gem for those who're able to discern this kind of atmospheres and also those who enjoy the latter wall of noise HC of bands like CONFUSE, GAI, GUDON and similar ear destroyers!

via Rockin Bones

Underage - Entro domani

*tracks 01-09 from Afri-cani, terroni, marocchini (7") #1983
*tracks 10-18 from Demo #1983
*tracks 19-21 live in Naples, 1983
*track 22 from I Fiori del Male (radio transmission)
*tracks 23-28 1982 rehearsals


01. Underage
02. Marjuana Punk
03. Senza Leggi
04. Kids
05. Thanx USA
06. Lager
07. Sporca Naja
08. Tre Settembre
09. Entro Domani
10. Underage
11. Marjuana Punk
12. Gente Complice
13. Tre Settembre
14. Entro Domani
15. Metropoli
16. Kids
17. Sporca Naja
18. Anarchia Individuale
19. Metropoli
20. Underage
21. Sporca Naja
22. Underage's On The Radio - Catalano's Speech
23. Zombie
24. Lager
25. Violenza Metropolitana
26. Naples Is Dead
27. Kids (instrumental)
28. Gente Complice (instrumental)

E.U. '91 Produzioni


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