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24 giugno 2013

Ain Soph - Prima dell'aurora #2004

Prima dell'aurora is a word-play, meaning "before the dawn", but also referring to the title of Ain Soph's famous CD ("aurora" is Italian for dawn). This beautiful LP presents for the first time a selection of the most representative songs from that classic release in their original, raw and furious versions.
Think of IGGY & STOOGES' Raw power, which was listened in its real brutal sound only more than 20 years after the original issue. Ain Soph's music was never softened and smothered by David Bowie's production, that's understood, but anyway the demo versions featured on this vinyl sound quite different from the "official" ones on the CD.
On side A, experience the stalking Morriconian sound of Le depart, sing along the drunk cantina-ballads White guard and Ramayana, listen to the desolation of Uomini perduti and Tempi duri.
On side B, it's time to stomp at the thrashing rhythm of Pistolet automatique, enjoy your best wine with the spaghetti-western ballad Le vent, mourn your sentimental disappointment of the moment, singing with your friends Gli amanti tristi, and finally listen to the touching anthem Cuore nero, feeling shrivels running down your spine.
Don't expect a clean and remastered production from these songs, on the contrary, the sound is spontaneous, dirty and sharp-edged as never before. It's also very interesting to experience Ain Soph's original singer Crucifige at his best, especially on the dramatic Cuore nero and Le vent.
Prima dell'aurora is still the best lo-fi Italian folk album, even more savage in this new unpolished version.

via Filth Forge

[warning! explicit fascist content]

Ain Soph - White guard


a1. Le depart
a2. Uomini perduti
a3. White guard
a4. Ramayana
a5. Tempi duri

b1. Le vent
b2. Pistolet automatique
b3. Gli amanti tristi
b4. Cuore nero

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