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6 gennaio 2013

SepPuKu - Dekompositiones (12'') #1983

The main SPK document from 1983 is the three-song 12" Dekompositiones, released under the name SepPuKu. Dekompositiones is a contrast between the clean pression of Western culture, represented by minimal instrumentation and heavy percussion, and its murderous results: the death of indigenous cultures when confronted with the unstoppable virus of the West. Previous SPK releases increased the density of information beyond the capacity to translate or absorb it; Dekompositiones was the logical next step, a post-apocalyptic survey among the ruins of culture. SPK made its most vehement - and final - advocation of anonymity on Dekompositiones (see SepPuKu).

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SepPuKu - Culturcide


a1. Another dark age

b1. Twilight of the idols
b2. Culturcide

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