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8 dicembre 2012

The (International) Noise Conspiracy - The first conspiracy #1999

Phil Ochs once said that the ideal band would be "the perfect symbiosis of Elvis and Che Guevera". Well, try this one on for size: The Who meets Guy Debord.
No shit. Featuring members and ex-members of REFUSED, SEPARATIONS, SAIDIWAS, DOUGHNUTS and THE FEMALE ANCHOR OF SADE, The (International) Noise Conspiracy aim to attack every instance of culture via dirty, raunchy, situationist garage rock. This is a collection of 5 7"s of T(I)NC's earliest material (originally released in Europe), entitled The first conspiracy.

"In vain we tend to search for the things that mean the most and imbeded within popular culture can we sometimes find the most amazing elements and techniques of subversion".

via G7 Welcoming Commitee Records

The (International) Noise Conspiracy - Abolish work


01. The first conspiracy
02. Abolish work
03. A new language
04. Do u know my name?
05. T.I.M.E.B.O.M.B.
06. The sin crusade
07. The blast-off
08. Young pretenders army
09. I swear if u do
10. Airports
11. Introduction to the...
12. Black mask



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