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3 dicembre 2012

Havoc - Vol. II - Come si deve vivere se non si vuole morire #2011

Second full length album by Havoc – Torino’s darkest heir-at-law of the black, nihilistic punk forged by NERORGASMO in the 80s. As on their first granitic CD, the band delivers once again (and with an even more punishing impact) an original blend of punk/hc in the true Italian old school spirit, and the unique and inimitable dark/punk approach which, in its coldness, became a trademark of certain bands coming from the grey motorcity of Turin, Northern Italy. This album comes in a wonderful digipack jacket with foldout poster/insert enclosed. 13 songs of hopeless negativity, if you like NERORGASMO and La tua morte non aspetta era WRETCHED, you will absolutely dig Havoc.

via FOAD Records

Havoc - Epilogo


01. Da uno a dieci
02. Respiro
03. A Mosca Cieca
04. In Nessun Luogo
05. Nel Cerchio
06. Cercando l'Assurdo II
07. Sul Filo
08. Morire
09. Messiah
10. Spirito
11. Gabbiadossa
12. Epilogo
13. Da dieci a uno

Download here


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