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9 ottobre 2012

Death In Venice - Paroxismós (12") #1986

The band starts to play in 1981 and after the first live concerts produces a demo-tape in 1983 (Deca Dance). The sound in this first self-production is really intensive and shows all the potentiality of the band: emotional goth ballads, pure post-punk rhythms and a scent of dark psychedelia are the recipe of this great debut.
After this first demo, they increase their live activity, arriving to support bands such SEX GANG CHILDREN. In the same year, the label Materiali Sonori produces a 7” Ep compilation with a song of the Death in Venice (East). It’s the beginning of a good success in the italian underground circuit. The group plays in different festivals, in many parts of Italy and, in 1985, arrives to play in London. In this year, they sign an important contract with the famous label Contempo Records: the same label of bands such DIAFRAMMA, PANKOW or BLACK ROSE.
With Contempo Records they realize 2 brilliant albums. The sound of the band in the both realizations becomes more well-groomed and lyrical, the mature voice of Sebastian Russo drives the listeners in obscure lands, where the hopeness is a faded memory. It looks like the beginning of a brilliant (underground) career but, unfortunately, after this considerable production, the group disbands (with another record ready to publish...). Discussions on the new musical direction, distance between the new and old members and other problems ratify the end of the project.


Death In Venice - Victims


a1. Orgasm guaranteed
a2. Victims

b1. The sex of the angels

Contempo records
Download here


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