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18 ottobre 2012

Black Rainbows - Supermothafuzzalicious!! #2011

Supermothafuzzalicious!! is the second album from this Italian three-piece. The band displays some quality musicianship on the ten 1970's inspired space/heavy/rock 'n' roll tunes here. Comparisons with bands as, for example, KYUSS, NEBULA or THE ATOMIC BITCHWAX are inevitable. As a result of this, there is sometimes a lack of own ideas but Black Rainbows' infectious enthusiasm levels out the missing identity. There are also a few surprises like Lady, which is littered with quotes from early BLACK SABBATH. In contrast, Mastermind lifts off in best HAWKWIND tradition and I wished Black Rainbows had included more songs like that. It's definitely one of my highlights on this album.
Each song is dominated by heavy fuzzed out guitars and I am really into the production of Supermothafuzzalicious!!; it is crunchy and loud. Most of the ten tracks (there's also a bonus cut on the vinyl edition) are very catchy, but never one-dimensional. Black Rainbows know how to keep the listener on board. Beyond that, these three guys show that it is still possible to pay homage to the hard rockin' sounds of the 1970's, without immediately aping them. Their songs will be completed with cool vocals, which I enjoy because of the naturalness. So, if that review sounds good to you, do yourself a favor and check these band out. It's good stuff even if it doesn't really stand out from the hundreds of other heavy rock bands.


Black Rainbows - Mastermind


01. Burn your nation
02. Behind the line
03. Mastermind
04. Feel the beat
05. Solar system
06. Lady
07. Mother of the sun
08. Brain circles
09. I love rock n'roll
10. Cosmic flower blues

Longfellow Deeds records
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