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12 aprile 2012

VV.AA. - Raptus #1983 + Raptus - Negazione & Superamento #1984

Another Italian compilation on vinyl. It contains a few great thrash tracks by the Wops, Raw Power, Uart Punk, and the Wrong Boys; Drull, the UDS, Petrolio, and Last Call provide some less interesting older-style punk. All in all, it's pretty good, and it's worth buying just for Raw Power's songs.

Tim Yohannan (Maximum Rocknroll #9, October/November 1983)

The second Raptus compilation is superior to the first edition. The production is better, and it contains material by Reig, the Wrong Boys, Stigmathe, the Crapping Dogs, Raw Power, the Acid Cocks, and Cani. Once again, Raw Power dominate the record - check out their awesome Army - but Reig and Cani can also burn, and the Crapping Dogs have a couple of sing-along Oi-type chants. Blue vinyl.

Jeff Bale (Maximum Rocknroll #16, August 1984)

VV.AA. - Raptus #1983

a1. DRULL - Tentacoli di potere
a2. DRULL - Militare
a3. UART PUNK - Anarchia in Italia
a4. UART PUNK - Frustrazione
a5. WRONG BOYS - Massacro
a6. UDS - Ma che bella società
a7. UDS - Basta
a8. PETROLIO - Italia/Italia

b1. WOPS - Hateful town
b2. WOPS - Kids
b3. LAST CALL - Fall of Italian empire
b4. LAST CALL - Your solution
b5. RAW POWER - Raw power
b6. RAW POWER - You are the victim
b7. RAPTUS - The end (outro)

Meccano records
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VV.AA. - Raptus - Negazione & Superamento #1984

a1. REIG - State refuse
a2. STIGMATHE - Fronte di nervi
a3. RAW POWER - Army
a4. CANI - La mia carta
a5. CRAPPING DOGS - Don't cry, shoot!
a6. ACID COCKS - Vita sbagliata
a7. WRONG BOYS - Non sottometterti

b1. RAW POWER - State oppression
b2. STIGMATHE - Corri & sopravvivi
b3. REIG - Fucking system
b4. ACID COCKS - Morti per la pace
b5. CRAPPING DOGS - I got mice
b6. CANI - E allora capirai... un nuovo mondo
b7. WRONG BOYS - Crisi

Meccano records
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