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8 ottobre 2017

Lightning Bolt - John Peel session #2004

Easily the best release from this band, as it's basically better versions of all their best songs. It was from a show in early 2005, so it's between Wonderful rainbow and Hypermagic mountain, and you can hear how there's early versions of a few Hypermagic mountain songs on here (tracks 2, 5, and the ending of track 4).

The studio albums have a hard time capturing them with this kind of intensity. Brian and Brian add so much more energy to the tracks in the live setting than they could ever possibly do in the studio. The climaxes are all amplified and songs flow into each other seamlessly in perfect fashion, often while they are in full noisy apocalypse mode. You can hear just how many hours these two guys have obviously been jamming together to become this tight with each other.



01. Intro
02. 2 morro morro land
03. On fire
04. Dracula mountain
05. Dead cowboy
06. 30000 monkies
07. Rotator


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