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12 luglio 2016

Shockin' T.V./Tiratura Limitata - Milano 1983 (7") #1983

One of those really hard to find 7"s of Italian HC/Punk of the 80s that you need up to 200 euros to purchase today. On one side you have Shockin' TV with their political HC/Punk - 9 short, raw and unpolished songs that clock in just over 9 minutes total. On the flipside Tiratura Limitata, more on the Punk side of things, offer very varied songs. They fuse Punk, Oi and Ska and within their 9 minutes of music fit "only" 3 songs. All in all, 12 songs, over 18 minutes of music on one 7"! Foldout poster cover with lyrics and photos, just like the original.



a1. Shockin' T.V. - Refused 'N' Rejected    
a2. Shockin' T.V. - Solo Parole
a3. Shockin' T.V. - Sorrisi Al Napalm    
a4. Shockin' T.V. - Spazi Di Potere    
a5. Shockin' T.V. - Media-Oppressione    
a6. Shockin' T.V. - Brats    
a7. Shockin' T.V. - Errori Viventi    
a8. Shockin' T.V. - Kill For Sex
a9. Shockin' T.V. - Vivisezione    
b1. Tiratura Limitata - Cheyenne    
b2. Tiratura Limitata - Odia    
b3. Tiratura Limitata - Distruggiamo Il Nucleare


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