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5 gennaio 2014

Heroin In Tahiti - Death surf #2012

A duo from Rome, Italy, Heroin In Tahiti is composed by Valerio Mattioli (AAVV Videos, THETLVMTH) and Francesco De Figueiredo (OPIUM CHILD), both hailing from the so named “Borgata Boredom” scene, a sort of local community based in Roma Est (East Rome), the crumbling and deteriorated neighborhoods which were already immortalized by Pasolini and Neorealist Cinema (think of Pasolini, De Sica, Visconti etc).
The duo plays a variety of cheap guitars, analog synths, drum machines and pedals, achieving a dirtiness which is tragically lo-fi and out-of-time at the same time: a Spaghetti wasteland, as they call it. 

Inspired by the classic Italian “spaghetti sound” turned into a depressed and paranoid version of the typical twang-surf of Morricone’s scores, Death surf is an hypothetical soundtrack of an old mondo-movie gone bad. The album drags the oppressive heat and bad habits of the Mediterranean to the radioactive beaches of Polynesia, discovering non-existent tribes, invented costumes, misplaced traditions and colonial exoticisms.
Think of drinking a frozen Daiquiri on a solitary beach while watching a poorly tuned TV broadcasting loops of “If you meet Sartana pray for your death”, while Mururoa tests are happening at the horizon.
If this was the soundtrack of the end, it couldn’t be more doped.

via Boring Machines

Heroin In Tahiti - Heroin In Tahiti


a1. Death surf
a2. Spaghetti wasteland
a3. Campomorto/E Kipa Mai

b1. Zoom
b2. Ex-giants on dope
b3. Sartana
b4. Heroin in Tahiti

Boring Machines
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