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6 febbraio 2013

The Feeling Of Love/Movie Star Junkies - The Feeling Of Love/Movie Star Junkies (10'' split) #2008

In the realm of minimal membered blooze-trash punk combos the Feeling Of Love are in a world of their own. The expected blown speaker fidelity that has become the bread and butter for such acts is a plenty here but instead of just sticking with the purist of tricks and hating on any audio effect used after 1964 the Feeling Of Love store such things in their stock of sonic arsenal 'cuz ya never know when they come in handy.
From oily slide guitar number that question why oh why are they making up yet another oily slide guitar numbers to drunk tomcats with junkshop guitars with their string action set way to high taking a stab at recreating electrosynth riffs on them to dizzy caveman spinning around in a circle til they're dizzy bits the usual box such bands chose to stand in is soaked by the rain and loose at the seams. It falls all apart leaving everything open and the Feeling Of Love can't resist such wanderlust. They roam far from the standard Buddy Holly or Jimmy Reed type hook and the end up in a lot of more interesting places because of it.
For every movie buff out there that envisions a remake they'd like to make of a Clint Eastwood spaghetti western-forget about hiring some junior Morricone to do the soundtrack and hire the Movie Star Junkies instead. Yeah, the name is a reason to shy from wanting to check them out cuz it does sound like a name that some Scandinavian ironic Guns-n-Rose tribute act would christen themselves but this Italian band has the proper reverberation and dusty haze that just seems natural. It's not all about that expansive twaaaang with them though. They ain't afraid to scream and yell not to mention turn everything up into a redlining hiss when it's called for either. If Jon Spencer and Matt Verta-Ray decided to do a third Heavy Trash record and heard the Movie Star Junkies during the planning stages of it both of them would delete the Sadies names from their phone list and be making international calls to Turin working on plans to get these guys into a New York City studio with 'em up.

a1. THE FEELING OF LOVE - O Lord Tell Me Why Do I Always Have To Write The Same Fucking Song
a2. THE FEELING OF LOVE - Fat Bottom Against Fat Bottom (Radio Edit)
a3. THE FEELING OF LOVE - The Way To Suck
a4. THE FEELING OF LOVE - Rapeman Blues
a5. THE FEELING OF LOVE - Interracial, O.K. Judge
a6. THE FEELING OF LOVE - Hammer Boy

b3. MOVIE STAR JUNKIES - Midnight Train
b4. MOVIE STAR JUNKIES - Gil Scott - Heroin

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