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17 dicembre 2011

Whitehouse - New Britain (reissue) #1996

Whitehouse is an English power electronics band formed in 1980. They are known for their controversial lyrics and images (which are often interpreted as misogynistic, sexually deviant, and extremely violent). The band’s members have been the subject of censorship in the past. Their name is in mock tribute to the British moral campaigner Mary Whitehouse; it is also a reference to a British pornographic magazine of the same name. The group’s founding member and sole constant is William Bennett.


Digitally remastered reissue of the infamous sixth Whitehouse lp released in 1982.

Whitehouse - Active force


01. Movement 1982
02. Roman Strength
03. Will to Power
04. New Britain
05. Ravensbruck
06. Kriegserklärung
07. Viking Section
08. Active Force

Susan Lawly
Download here


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