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9 marzo 2011

The Campus Tramps - T.F.F.T. #1997

1+2 records presents the newest offering of snotty vocals and great melodies from Britain's best rawk'n'roll punk band, Campus Tramps. This is Campus Tramps' 4th album, and second on 1+2. Formed in the early 90's, in Newcastle, with members of the legendary band 16 FOREVER, they recorded their first great ep for Knockout records, Germany. Campus Tramps are often used along with DEVIL DOGS, DMZ and LYRES to describe other bands' styles.

via Angry, Young and Poor

Campus Tramps - Don't push me around 


*tracks 11-14 from Knocked out cold (7") #1994

01. Crash your party
02. Last night
03. Don't push me around
04. Feelin' alright
05. Spread it around
06. Number 1 band in town
07. I can't wait
08. Loser bar
09. Sounds like fun
10. Move on up
11. Knocked out cold
12. What I want (I get)
13. In the corner
14. Messin' up

1+2 records
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