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17 dicembre 2010

Neon Piss - Neon piss (demotape) #2010

Demotape fresca fresca proveniente dalla California, pubblicata ieri su quest'ottimo tape-addicted blog, scoperto oggi grazie a Maximum R'n'R. Beccatevi dunque l'esplicita recinzione in inglese (che è anche ora di impararlo).

San Francisco’s Neon Piss are so fukkn good. Every song reminds me of something that I can’t quite put my finger on, and still all of them sound entirely original. At different moments during my first listen, I clearly heard elements of COMPLICATIONS, NO HOPE FOR THE KIDS, JAY REATARD, WIPERS and others, but I stopped listening for references (in fact I stopped everything I was doing) and just listened. Three times in a row. This is easily the best demo I’ve stumbled across in ages (though technically it stumbled into my hands, but my point was simply that I had no preconceptions and no idea what to expect) — every second of this tape is catchy as hell and there is not a genre catch phrase to sum them up... it’s just sincere punk rock.

da Terminal Escape

Neon Piss - Bullet in the back


01. Look homeward angel
02. Peaceful assembly
03. Golden state advantage
04. No there there
05. Bullet in the back

Download here


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